Assertive Licensing Programs

If you have good patents, you will (with reasonable effort) realize a return.

IPLC itself, or working with trusted partners, will evaluate your patents to find those that are most likely to be in use in industry today.  Not just a statistical analysis, this evaluation will include looking at patents by engineering and patent experts.

For those patents with a high probability of being infringed, IPLC and its partners will buy products or secure documentation and reverse engineer them to find and record infringement.

We will notify infringers and enter into technical and business negotiations on your behalf.

IPLC will do all of the above with no charges for our time or our expenses.  Our only payment comes at a time when royalty revenue is realized by you or your firm. Alternatively, we will consider fee-based arrangements if that is what the client wishes.

Defensive Licensing Program

Selling Patents or Portfolios

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