Charles R. Neuenschwander

Charles R. NeuenschwanderMr. Neuenschwander has more than 40 years business experience in the licensing, electronics and chemical industries.  He has spent the past twenty-two years managing and supporting client patent license negotiations and litigations for International Patent Licensing Company, Patent Solutions (both of which he co-founded), Mahr Leonard Management Company and STMicroelectronics.

Mr. Neuenschwander directs and participates in developing licensing strategies, completing portfolio evaluations, documenting patent infringement incidents, calculating infringement damages and license royalties, and successfully concluding license agreements for clients.  He has testified as a fact or expert witness before the International Trade Commission and in Federal Courts.  Mr. Neuenschwander’s licensing focus is in the areas of telecommunications, semiconductors, information technologies, consumer electronics, the web and software.

An active member of the Licensing Executives Society, Mr. Neuenschwander accepts speaking engagements world-wide and participates in panel discussions both for the Licensing Executives Society (LES) and at Continuing Legal Education seminars.  In 2012 he was named one of “The 300 World’s Leading IP Strategists” by British-based Intellectual Asset Management (iam) Magazine.  Mr. Neuenschwander is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and has served on Boards of Directors for a company in the high-tech industry and for a hospice care company.  For five years he was a US delegate to the international body of LES. 

  • Publications:
    • “Is That Your Final Offer?  Valuing Patent Licenses In Infringement Negotiations”, les Nouvelles, September 2002, Page 100
    • “Did High-tech Titans Win the US Patent War?”, IAM Magazine, April 2012, Page 24
    • “Patent Reform is About Wealth, Who Should Have It”, IP Law360, 1 November 2007 (IP Law360 is a web-based daily reporting service)
    • “Licensing Patents In Unfriendly Waters, The Use Of Outside Help In Assertive Licensing Programs”, Licensing Journal,February 2004, Page 10
    • “Strategic Licensing in the New Economy” (with Dennis Fernandez, Fernandez Associates), Asia Pacific Biotech News, 29 September 2003, Volume 7, Number 20, Page 1276 and reprinted in Intellectual Property Counselor, Corporate Counsel’s Licensing Letter, May 2007, Issue 125, Page 1
  • Speaking engagements
    • AIPLA: Austin, TX
    • Institute of Law and Technology: Dallas, TX
    • Licensing Executives Society: US and Canada
    • Licensing Executives Society International:  Zurich, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa
    • National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training: Tokyo, Japan
    • Franklin Pierce Law Institute: Concord, NH
    • Numerous local chapters of US Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Clubs: Dallas, TX

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