Defensive Licensing Programs

The best chance to avoid protracted litigation is through preparation.

The most successful defensive programs are ones with a well developed offensive component.  IPLC itself, or working with trusted partners, will evaluate your patents to find those that are most likely to be used by the licensor.  We will also work with experts looking for non-infringement arguments and prior art arguments relating to the patents asserted against you.

For those of your patents with a high probability of being infringed by the licensor, IPLC and its partners will buy products or secure documentation and reverse engineer them to find and record infringement.

We will join you or speak for you in technical and business negotiations with the licensor.  This can include making arguments relative to the patents asserted against you.

Compensation arrangements for defensive programs are varied and can range from payments for time and expense at competitive rates or a much reduced cost to the client with a success fee if certain benchmarks are met.

Assertive Licensing Programs

Selling Patents or Portfolios

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